Tuesday, 17 January 2012

An important reading item - everyone should access this

Dear Sir,

I have read a short story I found on the web while I was looking for the black plague in Africa. It was a very touching piece of writing about an African boy of 8 years old. His mother had died the previous year and his father had died 3 years ago.
            The writer says that the boy, himself was suffering from the disease as well. The writer describes the boy’s character as a calm and gentle person who gave everyone a feeling of relaxation.
            Jonathan, the boy, loved talking to people and adored the beauties of the world. He liked watching people’s reactions to things. He liked finding out something new. He thought of the world as a beautiful and majestic place with secrets at every nook and cranny. Jonathan liked watching the birds in the sky and he knew that they were in peace with nature; to Jonathan’s ears the song of the birds was a beautiful melody. He liked the pitter patter rain drops falling from the dark clouds gathered in the sky above him. He liked every natural thing in this world.
            What I liked most about Jonathan was that he was not afraid of dying. He was ready for his time to come and be united with his parents, friends and family.
            I liked the ending of the story- “the poor little innocent souls know is that they are standing at destiny’s door, waiting to be invited in”.
You can read the story on this link - 

Azima Tarannum

Thursday, 12 January 2012

  • The writer's purpose
  • Capturing a dramatic moment
  • Planning and writing a talk [Dialogues and Speeches]
  • Different forms of writing [Radio News, Tele Conversation, Diary Entry, Interview, Plan of Operation, Letter to Friend, Police Report, Ransom Note, Song Lyrics, Laundry List, Pamphlet, Lecture Notes, Grocery List, Blurbs, Bills, Menu Card in a Restaurant, Letter of Recommendation, CV, Absence Letters, Obituary, Billboards, Epitaphs, E-mail, Text message, Chatting, Twitter, Assignments, Thesis]
  • Writing a Screen Play
  • Writer's Technique
      • Choice of Words
      • Sentence length
      • Rhythmic flow
      • Distinctive Style
  • Satire 
  • Imagination

Translation of Tagore Song "Aji Dokhino Duar Khola"

My southern entrance is left open today
Come home, come, enter your abode

O my spring thou come to me
Today my southern door will be open

I'll put your heart on waves
Come home, come, make your entry

Fresh in your green dewy chariot
Come thou with your steps over the star flowers
To my garden.

[Collectively translated.]


  • Couplet
  • Cultural Translation
  • Variation in translation
  • Word choice / Diction
  • Personification

Friday, 6 January 2012

Most Dangerous Game: Novel Reading for January 2012

Reading is The Most Dangerous Game:
  • Oni: Pride and Prejudice/Great Expectations (Re-send me a schedule of classes)
  • Lord of the Flies: Maliha, Galib, Raief, Sabrina, 
  • Pride and Prejudice: Fariza, Azima, Asmita, Aporajita, 
  • Sense and Sensibility / Northanger Abbey: Tanima
From among the above Novels choose a Chapter and a page for reading in the class.
Enjoying English Book 4 
O Level English Practice - J Millington Ward

Send me reports on your reading at home. 

Friday, 9 December 2011

Darwin and War Movies

Today we have read a few paragraphs of Darwin's wonderfully worded Journals, which he had kept during his Voyage of the Beagle. A few words which is often used in our everyday writings have also been discussed.

Task: Imagine that you have arrived at a volcanic island as part of a scientific expedition team - give your description of how you arrived, what did you see, what happened. 

Thursday, 1 December 2011

16 December Friday Class Schedule

Dear All,

On the 16th December, National Independence Day, we will have following items. 
  1. Brief Breathing Exercise - 10 Min. We had these sessions on previous occasions. 
  2. Film Screening on a Larger Screen - duration 2.30 hours - 
  3. Little other interesting things!
Everyone is requested to attend. The session may take a total of 3 hours. SO, ask your parents to pick you up at 11.00. Anyone who is late will miss out a lot of things.

Friday, 25 November 2011

A Home Task - Street Children


Street children: their vulnerability and our responsibility.

We have already discussed and brainstormed on several points and everyone MUST bring their essay. You should remember that this is an Argumentative Essay.

Submission is mandatory for all.

[Minimum 1000 - Maximum 2000 Words]